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“If you strip away every fear, every worry, and every concern that has ever skipped across your mind – who would you be? What could you become? When I quiet my mind and dive deeply into the softness of my breath I experience that space. I experience that person. Every day I commit to inhabiting that space for longer periods of time. I commit to fully knowing and trusting that person. I commit to Living Wide Awake” – SH

As a young adult emerging from adolescence and being dropped off at the doorstep of “What do you want to do with the rest of your life,” I took my time sorting through that enormous question in the hopes of discovering a meaningful path. My gut encouraged me to do something creative, be of service, and make a difference in the world. The voice of my father encouraged me to be practical, develop marketable skills, and always stand on my own two feet.

Walking the middle ground felt most comfortable for me at that time. Do what makes you happy and help others while you also sustain your basic needs. Yet deep down I was driven by an overwhelming urge to do something big that would help to heal the hardships of the world. I wasn’t entirely sure how that would manifest in my life, but it felt like something that would become clear with time.

While I waited, I kept myself busy. I earned a masters degree and became an activist for the environment; I volunteered for medical relief work in Honduras; I created a meditation practice; I trained as a yoga teacher; I became a nutritional therapy practitioner; I traveled the world, bought a home, gardened, and spent over a decade of my life building a public health consulting business. All of these pursuits felt meaningful and worthwhile, yet still I wasn’t satisfied. Something more was calling me, but I didn’t know how to answer it. Ten years into my career, I grew impatient, pessimistic, overwhelmed, disappointed, and cynical. And then I became ill.

Looking back at the younger version of me standing on that doorstep – idealistic, confident, determined– I really had no idea of what life had in store for me. I had been raised to believe if you work hard, good things would come your way. Yet now I realized, I wasn’t very well-equipped with how to handle disappointment, failure, setbacks, and heartbreak. “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps” only took me so far in life and when I no longer had the strength to muscle through yet another disappointment, I collapsed under the enormous weight of my oversized and unrealistic expectations.

I spent the next three years stumbling my way through the darkness of chronic fatigue and depression. I had no idea what was happening to me or if I would ever regain the joy and enthusiasm I once had for life. The thought that my best years were behind me while still only in my early thirties was devastating. It took everything I had inside to wake up each day and put one foot in front of the other. Physically, I didn’t want to leave my bed and emotionally I didn’t have the energy to engage in a meaningful way with the people in my life.

After three years of fatigue, followed by three more years of recovering from the mental anguish of fatigue, I emerged a more complete and whole person with greater access to joy and gratitude and a more embodied understanding of how to navigate the ups and downs of life. Fatigue felt like the cruelest fate and yet, in hindsight, few things in life have given me as much guidance and direction. It demanded everything I had and tore me to pieces leaving me raw, unprocessed, and empty.

Train to Delhi

12 hours to Delhi

From this emptiness I returned to that doorstep one more time and asked myself “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” This time, I knew the answer. I want to Live Wide Awake. I want the courage to feel everything. I want to be strong in my vulnerability and soft in my determination. I want deep meaningful connections that are fed by authentic communication. I want to live each day with gratitude. I want to love and be loved. I want to be seen fully and help others achieve their own version of the same.

Now, as an integrative health practitioner and certified coach, I help people awaken to their fullest potential. From the practical day-to-day experience of being human to the more open-ended, existential questions we find ourselves living. I specialize in helping people find their light when walking in dark spaces; in finding stillness in the midst of chaos; and in using their breath to move from one seemingly impossible moment to the possibility of Living Wide Awake in every moment.

My clients are people learning to identify and manage stress in their lives. They are people recovering from autoimmune or chronic health conditions. They are mothers, fathers, business owners, professionals and everyday extraordinary people who want to create more connection, more peace, and to live their lives with more vitality. 


Life Takes Practice. Live Wide Awake.

Live Wide Awake

What is Coaching

“Living Wide Awake is knowing what it means to be “ordinary.” I think there is a lot of hype out there about “extraordinary people” doing “extraordinary things.” For me, there is danger in this since “hype” takes us away from our own deeper truths of whatever is deeply part of our own lives/paths, especially when it doesn’t seem so glamorous! So, the simple act of being present with whatever is arising is perhaps something “extraordinary,” even if what’s arising is not so pleasant. When we side-step the “not so pleasant” we don’t mine these places in ourselves for the truth behind them that could make our lives richer.”

~ Patricia Kay, Homeopath, Author of Cell Level Meditation

Nepal, 150 miles and 18,000ft

Nepal, 150 miles and 18,000ft

Coaching is a process where coach and client engage in a dialogue that is guided by deep listening and curiosity. This process creates a space where the client is fully witnessed and encouraged to connect to a deeper intention for their life.

The client might choose to explore the patterns, habits, underlying beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve them in being who they want to be. When we understand what lies beneath the surface of our experiences we are better able to align with a more authentic expression of ourselves. This alignment can help us to better understand the direction of our life and move through barriers as they arise. It helps us to feel more connected to ourselves and those around us.

Working with a coach can be an exciting and eye opening process for clients. The work begins in our sessions but continues at home, at work and in all of the moments in between. Coaching opens hearts, transforms relationships and provides us with a greater overall sense of who we are and what we want in life.


“Stacy Hirsch is a gift! I have the tendency to think about everything at once, whether that is an issue at work or a personal health choice. It all rumbles around in my brain. Stacy listens. She hears what I say and can identify the main thought or concern from what I say. I feel empowered, after talking with Stacy. She may confirm a question that I have; or, she may offer suggestions about a conflict that I have. In each of the coaching sessions I have had, I have left with a plan. Stacy gave me tools to use so that I could move toward the goal that we devised…that she gleaned from what I said. The benefit to me has been seen in every area of my life, whether physical or emotional or mental or spiritual. When I am in a place of peace, whether or not I have fully addressed every question or issue, I am in a healthier place. I am thankful.” ~SB


My Specialties

“Living Wide Awake is about letting go of how I think it should be. Noticing the little things- the strange insect I have never seen before waving his antennae, the turtle crossing the rural road to a pond on the other side, the lit up space under the rainbow stretched across the sky.”

~ Ahouva Steinhaus, Financial Planner

I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who is ready to practice radical acceptance in life and to step into the beauty of Living Wide Awake in each and every moment.

I specialize in:

Life Takes Practice. Live Wide Awake.

Live Wide Awake


Living Wide Awake is living in the present moment and playing the witness to your reactions as you move through a sea of chaos.”

~ Evan H. Hirsch, MD, Integrative, Functional Medicine Physician

Engaging with my clients and witnessing the richness of their lives and the courage they bring to each session is truly an uplifting and inspiring experience. I leave each session more present to the inherent beauty of our struggles and our undeniable quest to awaken to our wholeness.

There are several ways to engage with me and my work. See below for more information and be sure to also check out my portfolio.

Life Takes Practice. Live Wide Awake.

Live Wide Awake


Living Wide Awake means approaching every moment, choice, and action with embodiment and intention in order to have the widest set of available paths and make the largest difference in the world with my presence. It means holding passion and peace, action and stillness, and power and humility.”

~ Davy Koszka, Consultant of transformation to individuals, teams, and companies

Life Takes Practice. Live Wide Awake.

“Through me, Living Wide Awake is expressed when I reside in absolute recognition and celebration of our unity, our interconnectedness, and appreciation of the web of creation that connects us all. This web, woven from the fibers or our divine essence-fibers of peace, compassion and above all Love- holding us in sacred relationship to the One Heart. These fibers are expressed through our daily life choices and become what we perceive as our outward reality. Living wide awake means we mindfully spin these fibers on a wheel of intention with great presence and care thus creating threads that are strong, vibrant and rich allowing us to feel the divine flow from which we originate. Living wide awake means embracing each moment as an opportunity to express our true divine nature in relationship to everything and everyone around us. Doing so creates a blanket of warmth, a warm embrace to be shared by All as a constant reminder of the love from which we are birthed. Through me, Living Wide Awake is most gracefully expressed through my living prayer to see as Love sees, to speak as Love speaks, to forgive as Love forgives and to give as Love gives. In this way I invite those around me to join in the celebration of our interconnectedness and to awaken to the core of our true divine essence.”

~ Jennifer Nevy, Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor

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